r/fantasy Bingo


I joined Reddit’s r/fantasy bingo after the realization that I wasn’t reading a whole lot of fantasy and the books I was reading were mainly the same. I didn’t create this challenge, I just made my own fancy graphics for it.

For 2016 I decided to do three different bingo cards, the first just any random books I wanted to read, the second which was entirely female authors, and the third consisting of books written by people of colour. In 2017 I’ve repurposed the random card into a small press, indie and self-published card and added a queer and trans characters and authors card.

No books could be reused from card to card and to make it legal according to r/fantasy bingo rules I can only use an author once.

Every single book on this list was something that I wanted to read, either it’d been in my TBR for long enough and I decided this was the time to read it, or that I was looking for something specific, mainly in genres I don’t normally read, like weird western or military fiction, and I thought the book sounded awesome.