This is a review policy of sorts.

I’m mainly a mood reader. I have a minimum of five books always on the go and hop from genre to genre. I’m occasionally a binge reader but more often than not read a series slowly interspersed with other books in between it. I cannot make TBRs that are carved in stone. I’ve tried and failed many times. The easiest way to make me not interested in a book is to make me feel that I have to read it. So I tend to read on my own time (seeing as this is a hobby and I predominantly get my books from the library), and review on my own time when I feel like it. As such, I suck at reading ARCs before their release date. I promise I will eventually get around to it but please don’t expect a speedy turnaround if you’ve contacted me about an ARC review.

My ratings are on a five star scale as to be consistent with  Goodreads. I will occasionally use the odd half star here and there.

  • 5 stars – AKA this book was a miracle. 5 stars books tend to be emotional based for me. There’s just something special about the book that’s hard to describe that raises it above a 4 star.
  • 4 stars – AKA this book was amazing. 4 star books are primarily a combination of emotional and technical. They’re super good books and I would probably read them again one day. Occasionally 5 star books drop down to a 4 star after a reread and I’m able to be more critical about it.
  • 3 stars – AKA this book was good. I find 3 stars the widest category of ratings I use. It encompasses books I enjoyed but had some problems with (mainly the writing or plot), books I enjoyed but don’t feel compelled to read again and books where I was not the target audience so maybe didn’t enjoy as much as I know other people will and want my review to reflect that.
  • 2 stars – AKA this book was disappointing. I rarely rate books 2 stars because if I’m not enjoying a book I’ll put it down. If I rate a book 2 stars it’s probably because I kept reading in hopes that something would change, only to find myself disappointed at the end.
  • 1 star – AKA this book was a travesty. Because I don’t read books I don’t enjoy I don’t really give books 1 star. If the writing is bad I don’t finish it. However I will rate a book 1 star if it’s problematic, not matter how good the writing is. This includes homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism, non-critical depictions of colonialism, ableism, sexism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism and other problematic elements.