Wrap-up | Women in Translation Month Bingo

Women in Translation Month is now over. I managed to complete 13 books during August which is slightly over half of my goal of 25, and completed one bingo line. WIT Bingo was fantastic. I had so much fun researching, selecting and reading my way through so many different books by women in translation. For… Continue reading Wrap-up | Women in Translation Month Bingo

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[Wrap-up] #AsianLitBingo, a May 2017 reading challenge

Asian Lit Bingo is almost at a close at the month of May comes to a wrap-up. I actually missed the announcement for this reading challenge and only wound up finding out about it part way through the month. As such I don't think my participation counts under the rules but I wanted to take part… Continue reading [Wrap-up] #AsianLitBingo, a May 2017 reading challenge

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[Wrap-up] Every week is #BorrowAThon for me

#BorrowAThon is a ReadAThon that ran from March 19-26. It was the second time this ReadAThon happened and I was happy to join along since library books are practically my entire aesthetic. I actually only finished one book this week, Devil's Wake. I did read a paranormal romance but it was so bad I don't even want… Continue reading [Wrap-up] Every week is #BorrowAThon for me

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[Wrap-Up] January Stats and Wrap-up

This is being posted embarrassingly late. I was overambitious with my blogging plans in January then ran out of spoons near the end of the month, leading me to abandon a bunch of half written blog posts, reviews and big plans that were never actually executed. Anyhow, January. Lovely January with its snow, rain, freezing… Continue reading [Wrap-Up] January Stats and Wrap-up

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[Wrap-Up] #DiverseAThon Wrap-Up

Another #Diverseathon has come and gone and somehow to my surprise the books I finished were not the ones I'd planned to read. I only read two books that count for #Diverseathon, neither of them Brown despite my claims that I'd be reading that one. This Strange Way of Dying: Stories of Magic, Desire and the Fantastic,… Continue reading [Wrap-Up] #DiverseAThon Wrap-Up

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[Wrap-up] #DAReadAThon Wrap-Up

#DAReadAThon was one of the harder readathons I've done. Not because the books I read were hard or uninteresting, but because I'm really, really bad at making a TBR and then sticking to it. I'm very much a mood reader, reading multiple books at once and always getting distracted by the next, shiny looking book.… Continue reading [Wrap-up] #DAReadAThon Wrap-Up