Wrap-Up | Around the World in 2017

I started 2017 wanting to read more translated books, specifically books written by women. So at the end of 2017 I've read 31 books from 20 different countries, translated from 13 different languages. 25/31 books (80%) are written by women, 5 books written by men, and one mixed gender anthology. 2017 has felt like a… Continue reading Wrap-Up | Around the World in 2017

CanLit Bingo 2017 · Wrap-Up

Wrap Up | CanLit Bingo 2017

Another year, another Canadian Literature bingo. I managed to finish my last book the morning of December 31 over a cup of tea. I love this bingo challenge because the group on Goodreads has such great discussion and I read so many good books that I might have not picked up or would have let… Continue reading Wrap Up | CanLit Bingo 2017


Wrap-up | Women in Translation Month Bingo

Women in Translation Month is now over. I managed to complete 13 books during August which is slightly over half of my goal of 25, and completed one bingo line. WIT Bingo was fantastic. I had so much fun researching, selecting and reading my way through so many different books by women in translation. For… Continue reading Wrap-up | Women in Translation Month Bingo

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[Wrap-up] #AsianLitBingo, a May 2017 reading challenge

Asian Lit Bingo is almost at a close at the month of May comes to a wrap-up. I actually missed the announcement for this reading challenge and only wound up finding out about it part way through the month. As such I don't think my participation counts under the rules but I wanted to take part… Continue reading [Wrap-up] #AsianLitBingo, a May 2017 reading challenge

ReadAThon · Wrap-Up

[Wrap-up] Every week is #BorrowAThon for me

#BorrowAThon is a ReadAThon that ran from March 19-26. It was the second time this ReadAThon happened and I was happy to join along since library books are practically my entire aesthetic. I actually only finished one book this week, Devil's Wake. I did read a paranormal romance but it was so bad I don't even want… Continue reading [Wrap-up] Every week is #BorrowAThon for me

Stats · Wrap-Up

[Wrap-Up] January Stats and Wrap-up

This is being posted embarrassingly late. I was overambitious with my blogging plans in January then ran out of spoons near the end of the month, leading me to abandon a bunch of half written blog posts, reviews and big plans that were never actually executed. Anyhow, January. Lovely January with its snow, rain, freezing… Continue reading [Wrap-Up] January Stats and Wrap-up