CanLit Bingo


In 2016 I joined a CBC Books GoodReads group only to have it shut down without warning a couple of months later. The really dedicated CanLit readers migrated over to another group called Canadian Content where the bingo challenge lives on. I didn’t create this challenge, I just made my own fancy graphics for it.

Even though I’m Canadian, I tended to not read a lot of Canadian literature, or would just read the same authors again and again. I really liked the idea of a bingo challenge to get me reading out of my comfort zone with a tangible reward to completing all the squares. I’ve read so many good books that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I guess the first question is ‘What is Canadian literature?’ A broad definition is literature written by Canadians. I also include books outside the literary genre that are written by Canadians, like poetry, SFF, historical fiction. There tends to be a lot of blending together due to the small size of the genre. One thing I love about Canadian literature though, is how diverse it tends to be. Canada isn’t the biggest country population wise and has a tendency to adopt immigrant writers from across the globe if they chose to make their home in Canada. And due to an emphasis on Canadian multiculturalism, Canadian books tend to be pretty diverse.

The current CanLit Bingo Card (2017) is available here for anyone who wants to join.