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State of the Blog | Life Updates & August Lady Classics Changes

The good news is we survived the move. The bad news is apparently I own no shelves and hate unpacking. Therefore everything is still in boxes around the house because we have no where to put it.

I’m so very tired though. We finally got internet yesterday after a week of having to do my blogging at a Tim Hortons and dealing with their free wifi that censors queer content. And now I’m just playing telephone tag with maintenance people and a locksmith. Our roommates are arriving this weekend and my mom and sister are coming for a visit tomorrow.

So I looked around last night and decided something has to go. So sorry to The Tale of Genji but I’ll have to read it another time. I just don’t have enough mental spoons to read a thousand page book on top of my other reading, move, unpack, and start a new job. I still encourage people to read it if they desire as I really enjoyed the first few chapters I’d read. The translation by Edward G. Seidensticker is a really readable one that I felt kept the original tone without getting too bogged down with stylistic writing. But since I’m not fluent in either classical or modern Japanese, take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Instead the Lady Classics book for August will be Thus Were Their Faces: Selected Stories by Silvina Ocampo. This is a collection that I’ve been looking forward to as Ocampo is a contemporary of Jorge Luis Borges and one of the best 20th century Argentinian poets and short-fiction writers. It’s not available for free online since it’s not yet in the public domain but NYRB Classics has published a lovely edition that I encourage people to see if their library has a copy or request they purchase one. I’ve also just finished it yesterday for #WITBingo and the review will be forthcoming at the end of the month.

I’m aiming to stick to my regular blogging schedule of three times a week but might take a day or two off depending on how busy things get.


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