Blog | 2017 Reading Goals

Last year I read a lot, after not really reading anything for about three years. At the end of 2015, my goals in 2016 was to just read a book. Just one. And after turning page after page, to see where I could go from there.

I’d loved reading when I was younger. But then I hit the wall between YA and adult fiction, and went to college for writing, which ironically killed my desire to read and write. But after developing a terrible case of tendonitis I needed a new hobby and I desperately missed reading.

So I read one book, and then another, and another. It was hard at first because the internet has primed me for instant gratification and after years of not doing it, it’s hard to just sit down and read uninterrupted.

When 2016 started I had no goals and by the end of the year I’d read:

  • 108 novels
  • 7 anthologies
  • 2 novellas
  • 79 graphic novels
  • 18 short story collections
  • 41 non-fiction books (including memoirs)
  • 205 manga volumes

I completed one bingo challenge, failed another, participated in my first ReadAThon, started blogging and met so many wonderful readers, bloggers, and reviewers.

In 2017, in addition to reading tons of excellent books I hope to:

  • Complete CanLit Bingo 2017. I had such fun with this challenge in 2016 and managed to talk my mom into doing it with me this year.
  • Rework Queer Lit Bingo and actually complete it. I think the problem I had with this challenge last year was I chose a bunch of books I actually wasn’t interested in. So this time I made the prompts a bit more loose and selected books in genres I tend to read more of.
  • Finish r/fantasy Bingo 2016. 44 books down as of right now, 31 to go. I should be able to make it but have a lot of door stopper books to read for it.
  • Complete 2/3 of r/fantasy Bingo 2017. I’d like to actually be on track with the next challenge.
  • Read one nonfiction book per month (no memoirs). I didn’t read a lot of non-fiction this past year, but would like to change that.
  • Read one classic every two months. I always say I’m going to read classic books but never do. Time to change that.
  • Read six books in French. French is my second language and it’s slowly atrophying due to lack of use. Rather than tying this to specific months, I’d just like to read a minimum of six books in French. My mom and I will be reading a couple together so hopefully that’ll get me jumpstarted.
  • Read more translated fiction/world fiction. I read books from 21 countries outside the US, Canada and UK. I’d like to increase that number to a minimum of 30.
  • Aim to have books by US authors less than 50% of books. Last year about 54% of books I read were by US authors. I’d like to get to the point where a majority of books I read are by authors outside the US.
  • Aim to increase number of books written by POC, Indigenous authors, queer, trans authors. About 30% of books from last year were by POC and Indigenous Authors, and the number of books by queer and trans authors was slightly below that. I don’t want to make a hard goal on this one but just want to aim for a general increase.

And in addition, I just want to have fun doing this. Reading is my hobby. And I just want to read and review, learn to make videos, take nice photos, without worrying to myself about it all not being perfect. This is more of a personal goal rather than a reading one, but it’s something important that I need to remember as the year continues.

Welcome 2017. Happy reading.


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